Watering Cans

There’s not much to say about these cows, except that they do meet my ‘basic’ criterion of a hole to put the fluid in, and one (or more in this case) to pour it out. Pretty much a stretch for a collection of ‘cow creamers’ I realize, but they’re sort of cute, as well as useful. And they do come in a rather weird variety of shapes.

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black and white cow and brown metal cow watering cans
2 cow watering cans
2 watering cans
2 cow watering cans
2 cow watering cans
2 flowery cow watering cans

Two from Texas for 99 cents !  Such a deal.  Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that I was the only bidder on their eBay auction.

L’il Gardener has a big pink nose

OutDoozie, Inc, Rustic Cow Watering Can Natural, Made in China.

This one, from ‘Great Gifts’, wins the ugly prize